Protect Your Brand with the Only Fully Integrated Brand Protection

When it comes to protecting your brand and your customers, trust the only company that delivers both offline and online protection solutions. Opsec Security is the global leader in protecting, authenticating, and enhancing brands, services and revenues through a wide range of proven platforms and technologies.

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Take control of your supply chain, start to finish.

Our suite of advanced technology provides the ability to track your products throughout the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to distributers to retailers. You'll get the transparency and insight you need to easily authenticate your products -- combatting counterfeiters, brand fraud and trademark infringement.

Online brand protection that works smarter and harder

From digital marketplaces to social media platforms and across the web, Opsec Online Brand Protection is the only cyber solution that spans all channels including anti-fraud, counterfeit solutions, brand monitoring and more. Our solutions work 24/7, collecting data from around the world to continuously monitor your brand online, identifying unauthorized products, sellers, social profiles, and intellectual property use.

End-to-end protection only Opsec can deliver.

In today's growing number of threats, you need a brand protection service that covers every facet of your product's life cycle. From conception through consumer, both online and offline, only Opsec can provide you with valuable insight to protect your revenue streams, product integrity, and brand.