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OpSec is trusted to secure, enhance, and protect major brands with actionable intelligence through authentication, software and brand identity solutions. Our team of experts is committed to developing creative solutions to growing challenges in supply chain management, royalty collection and counterfeiting.

We are proud to sponsor the NYC Licensing Summit, where our own Bill Patterson will moderate the panel on "The Rise of the Player" featuring Josh Goodstadt (National Basketball Players Inc.), Becca Roux (USWNTPA) and Steve Scebelo (NFL Players Inc.).

Our experts will also be on hand to discuss how to best:

  • Share, approve & track your licensing program
  • Ensure accurate royalty payments
  • Reduce counterfeits in the marketplace
  • Enforce your brand, trademarks, and IP on the web
  • Connect your fans to your brand

We hope you can join us for what is sure to be a very insightful licensing event. 

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